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GODS: Kickstarter Early Bird Sign-up

Lion Creature Casting the Fireball Curse!
Lion Creature Casting the Fireball Curse!

Dear Friend,

Thank you very much for stopping by Roosevelt Games, LLC. We created this page to tell you about a Kickstarter Campaign for a RTS game called GODS! You will be able to play the game on PC, PS4, XBOX One and Nintendo Switch.

We will launch the Kickstarter campaign on April 1st, 2019 but first, we wanted to show you the game, its features, your rewards and the current development progress!

If you like what the game and the company has to offer and wish to become a backer, then please kindly use the form below or on your right to sign-up. As soon as the Kickstarter campaign is approved, we will send you an email!

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GODS is a strategy game that gives you total control over your environment and the world responds to your choices. You play as a God, win-over worshipers, command armies, take over villages by force or love and raise powerful creatures; demons; or Cyclops to do your bidding.

In the game, you can construct houses & buildings, guide your villagers to collect resources (wood, water, iron, meat, fish, rocks), drag and drop villagers next to each other to boost population ;), cast miracles or curses and direct your powerful creature to go to distant lands. Your creature can attack your enemies, break down walls, perform miracles, cast curses or fight other enemy creatures.

You have complete control over your environment, but your influence is limited to the villages you control. Currently, the game supports nine village types. They include Halflings, Wizards, Dwarves, Elves, Orcs, Egyptians, Vikings, Greeks, and the Romans. Each culture or race comes with their unique design, behavior, strengths, and weaknesses.

To increase your influence, you can boost the population of your villages, send an army to take over other villages or use your creature to impress them with miracles, entertainment or brute force.

As a God, you have three choices. You can act Good, Bad or both! However, your choices will limit or strength the type of work you can do in your world. You can pick-up objects, people, animals and if you are powerful enough, you can even pick-up a mountain size powerful creature. Along with that, you can cast miracles like Fire, Water, Lightning, Healing, Rain or curses like Sickness, Plagues or massive Floods.

The villages you control can be shaped in your image. You can break houses, set buildings/people/animals on fire, plant trees, make gardens, raise crops, combine resources to build statues, houses, roads, walls, waterfalls and much more.

Depending on which route you take, your actions will be either extremely good, extremely bad or neutral. If you are extremely evil, the damages from a lightning bolt or a firestorm will be 10 times stronger for you, but your other powers like Food, Wood or Water will be basic. Similarly, if you are extremely generous with your followers, then your healing power or the number of resources from Wood or Water miracle will be high but curses like Fire or Plagues will have less damage.

Even though you are a God and have supreme power over the land, enemy Gods will challenge your existence. They will send massive armies and enemy creatures to attack your villages and your followers. To give you a strategic advantage, GODS allow you to raise powerful creatures.

The creatures are forever devoted to you, and he or she will always obey you whether you are Good or Bad. Additionally, the creature can learn the miracles or the curses you cast, entertain villagers, eat them, heal them, encourage them to breed, collect resources, go to any village to grow your followers and also help the villagers with farming, fishing, building houses and much more.

Currently, you can choose from the following creatures:

Lion Creature
Tiger Creature
Wolf Creature
Dragon Creature
Elephant Creature
Elephant Creature
Cyclops Creature

In GODS, everything is crafted in great detail. Depending on the Villages you take over, you can experiment with their unique gifts and other capabilities. For example, if you take over an Orc village, you will benefit from their brute strength to collapse enemy walls and the ability to sustain more damage.

Or if you take over the village of the Wizards, then you will benefit from their power to teleport to distant places. You can combine different armies to give you a strategic advantage. For example, you could direct your wizards to open a portal to another village and send over your army of Orcs or Vikings to take over with brute force. Or you could take over a Greek village and use their talent to build amazing buildings to attract more followers.

In the game, you get to choose from Halflings, Wizards, Dwarves, Elves, Orcs, Egyptians, Vikings, Greeks and the Romans. In each village, you will find adult males, females, children, warriors, healers, farmers, miners, and builders.

Dwarves Family
Egyptian Family
Wizards Family
Halflings Family
Elven Family
Orcs Family
Vikings Family
Roman Family
Greek Family
Orc Leader
Massive Orc Army
Huge Dwarves Army
All Powerful Roman Army
Lion Creature Climbing Up Massive Walls!
Lion Creature Casting the Fireball Curse!
Tiger Creature Building a House!

Advanced Weather Effects
Day, Night, Changing Seasons, Rain, Snow, Autumn and much more.
Vikings Chilling Out
Gameplay Demo: Lumberjacks & Miners in Action!
Gameplay Demo: Villagers Building a House
Gameplay Video: Massive Orc Army
Creature Growth, Emotions and Physical Changes (Morphs)

If you become a backer and support Roosevelt Games, LLC on Kickstarter, then you will receive the following rewards.

Mouse-pad with Wrist Rest
32-GB USB / Type-C
Messenger Bag
18″ x 24″ Poster

Currently, GODS is in heavy development, and the majority of the work is already done! With your generosity, the team will be able to expand its talent pool to speed up development, invest in third-party resources or plugins for Unreal Engine and cover any software licensing fees.

CEO of Roosevelt Games, LLC.
Author of 5 Pillars of Success.
Sr. Software Engineer at NASA.

Roosevelt Games, LLC is a start-up game development company from Maryland, USA. The company wasfounded in 2017 by Roosevelt Purification.

He is a Sr. Software Engineer at NASA with over 10+ years of development experience, an author and a game addict. To learn more about the founder or read his interviews, you can go to https://roosevelt.biz. PS, he is also great with 3D Modeling, 3D Animation and madly in love with Unreal Engine!

Currently, Roosevelt Purification is the lead developer of Roosevelt Games, LLC and has a couple of freelancers working with him in different parts of the project.

With your generosity, the company will be able to hire full-time 3D Artists/Animators and Unreal Engine developers to speed up the development of GODS and its future releases.

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